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Project Management

Our project management team is ready for big challenges.

Excellence and professionalism at one of the best shipyards in Spain.

project management team in Port Denia Shipyard

Project Management Expert Team

Our seasoned project management team follows a rigorous process to ensure we execute all work to the highest standards. This commitment extends to strict adherence to both budget and timeline agreements made with our clients.

The formula for success in our projects includes:

Analysis + Planning + Coordination

Our expert team thoroughly studies and analyzes all required tasks, efficiently managing projects and sticking to established budgets. We ensure quality and timely delivery through careful coordination and supervision during the various refit phases. Effective logistics are crucial as they also allow us to identify and resolve any issues swiftly, ensuring the work meets our client’s expectations.

Recognized as one of the leading yacht shipyards in the Western Mediterranean, our logistical expertise ensures that every project progresses smoothly from start to finish.

Transparent Quotations

Our quotations are detailed and clear. Thanks to our extensive experience in yacht refitting, we can offer the best solutions at reasonable prices, avoiding unnecessary costs.

After service for superyacht

Delivery and After-Service

Before deeming a project complete, we perform comprehensive tests to verify that all repairs, installations, and adjustments will work flawlessly on the yacht under real sailing conditions.

However, our commitment does not end there. Our after-service team is always ready to assist and advise you on any needs you may have, even after you have left our facilities. This includes handling any issues that may arise during the warranty period.

Tailored services

Providing a full range of yacht services for owners, captains, and managers, including refit, repairs, and tailored solutions.

A team of highly skilled experts

Our team includes skilled professionals in the maritime sector, each well-regarded for their solid expertise.

Success Stories in Yacht Refitting

Since 2009, when we officially established our shipyard, we have successfully completed over 200 refit projects for yachts and superyachts.

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success